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OfflineMaps 2.x vs AlpineQuest 2.x

All-In-One OfflineMaps

OfflineMaps is a general off-line mapping application for Android.
Online help is available here.

AlpineQuest GPS Hiking

AlpineQuest is an improved (and standalone) version of OfflineMaps dedicated to activities requiring off-line maps, like hiking, travelling, etc.
Online help is available here.


Feature OfflineMaps AlpineQuest Lite AlpineQuest
Google Play Store install Google Play Google Play Google Play
Alternative install APK installer PayPal
Free to install Yes Yes No
No ads Yes Yes Yes
Advanced location formats and grids Yes No Yes
Workspaces Yes No Yes
Display and store elevations (DEM) No No Yes
On-demand maps
Store maps for offline use Yes Yes Yes
Check coverage of stored data Yes Yes Yes
Use only stored data mode Yes Yes Yes
Store complete areas for offline use Yes No Yes
Add maps from the community Yes No Yes
Create favorite map sets Yes No Yes
File based maps
Display AQM/PGD maps No Yes Yes
Display QCT maps No No Yes
Display GeoPackage raster maps No No Yes
Display MBTile raster maps No No Yes
Display RMaps SQLite maps No No Yes
Import KML/KMZ files (image overlays) No No Yes
Local landmarks
Waypoints and picture waypoints Yes Yes Yes
Custom icons Yes Yes Yes
Search places Yes Yes Yes
Sets, routes, tracks and areas Yes No Yes
Statistics on tracks Yes No Yes
Dynamic coloring Yes No Yes
Measure tool Yes No Yes
Auto-routing Yes No Yes
Follow a route or path No No Yes
Proximity alerts No No Yes
File based landmarks (waypoints, routes, tracks, areas)
Import/export GPX files No No Yes
Import/export KML/KMZ files (landmarks) No No Yes
Import/export CSV/TSV files No No Yes
Import WPT/PLT (Ozi) files No No Yes
Import LOC (Geocaching) files No No Yes
Import ShapeFile SHP files (landmarks) No No Yes
Online landmarks (waypoints)
Online waypoints No No Yes
Public waypoints No No Yes
Real-time GPS/Network position on map Yes Yes Yes
Rotate the map based on position Yes Yes Yes
EGM96 elevations Yes Yes Yes
Fully featured track recorder No No Yes
Magnetic compass Yes Yes Yes

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