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How to select another map?

The application comes with a lot of different maps that fits various uses and area types. To change the displayed map:

  • Tap on the “Maps & Layers menu and select “Available maps;
  • The list of all currently installed on-demand maps is displayed;
  • Tap on any other map from the list to display it;
  • The list is closed and the selected map displayed .

In order to quickly switch between different maps, you can use favorite maps.

In addition to the maps available by default, you can add maps from the community maps list.


How to add another map as a layer?

Instead of simply selecting a new map as explained above, you can also add a new map over the current one (so both maps are displayed together):

  • In the list of your maps, long-press the map to add or tap its menu icon ;
  • Select Add as layer” ;
  • The new map (top map) is displayed over the current one (bottom map), and the map opacity tool is automatically displayed;
  • If you want, you can adjust the new map opacity or blending mode ;
  • When you've finished, tap on the Close” icon.