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How to create a route?

  • Tap on the screen center icon and on Create a placemark… ;
  • Choose Route ;
  • If desired, type a name in the Name text field;
  • If desired, change the folder in which to save the route;
  • Tap on Ok to validate.

The edit mode is activated and a first waypoint is automatically added at the screen center . To add more waypoints:

  • Move the screen center icon over the next location and tap on Waypoint ;
  • If needed, you can delete the last added waypoint by tapping on Delete .

While in edit mode, you can also edit any existing waypoint by tapping on it to display a popup menu. Tap on Edit details to edit the details of the waypoint (name, icon, color, description, etc.).

When finished, tap on the Save & close icon.


How to add, move or delete points of a route?

To add, move or delete points of a route you need to activate the edit mode of the route:

  • Tap on any waypoint of the route you want to edit and on the route name ;
  • Scroll down the menu and choose Edit points to activate the edit mode.

The edit mode of the route is activated. To add waypoints, just process as explained in the section above.

To move a waypoint:

  • Move the screen center icon over the new location ;
  • Tap on the waypoint you want to move and on Move to center .

To insert waypoints after an existing waypoint:

  • Tap on the existing waypoint and on Insert here ;
  • Tap on Waypoint to add new waypoints.

To delete a waypoint:

  • Tap on the waypoint and on Delete .

When finished, click on Save & close .