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How to open the placemarks explorer?

  • Tap the Placemarks menu and on Explore placemarks .
  • You can then tap a sub-folder to open it, likeRecorded tracks to list all previously recorded tracks;
  • To create new items, tap on + ;
  • To list even more folders, tap the left menu icon and select another place, like the Downloads folder where are saved all the items you've downloaded on your device.


How to copy, edit or delete one single item?

If your items are displayed in Preview mode , tap the item menu icon to display the item menu.

If your items are displayed in List mode , long press the item or tap its icon to display the item menu.

From the item menu, tap the desired action:

  • Copy or Cut to add this item to the clipboard;
  • Any edit action ;
  • Delete to permanently and irremediably delete this item.


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